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Samantha Chaudhry

Residential Sales & Marketing Expert

Samantha Chaudhry is a distinguished and proactive salesperson with a remarkable track record in the real estate industry. Her exceptional performance sets her apart as a valuable asset in the field, and she has significantly contributed to the growth of two major real estate brands.

Armed with in-depth knowledge, a keen mind for innovative ideas, and an unwavering drive to achieve results, Samantha stands out as a consummate professional. As a property owner herself, she has actively engaged in buying and selling properties since 2004, often collaborating with Patras Chaudhry to navigate diverse real estate transactions.

In addition to her notable achievements, Samantha has served as a Business Development Manager for a property maintenance and facilitation company and a commercial and residential cleaning company. In these roles, she secured valuable business contracts and played a pivotal role in the companies' rapid growth by substantially increasing revenue. Recognized as a valuable team member, Samantha consistently delivered on expectations, earning a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Her expertise extends to working with developers, managing projects, and utilizing her problem-solving capacity—an advantage for developers and investors alike. As an owner-operator of a related company and an investor in properties, Samantha's well-rounded experience uniquely positions her to understand various facets of real estate transactions.

Since April 2023, Samantha has collaborated with Patras Chaudhry at Harcourts, Patras & Co Real Estate Ltd, GREENLANE branch franchise. Together, they form a dynamic duo, offering a comprehensive suite of property services, including property management, sales, maintenance, renovations, and cleaning for residential and commercial properties. Their commitment to providing a streamlined one-stop-shop experience underscores their client-centric approach.

Samantha Chaudhry is the ideal point of contact for those seeking an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy agent to address their property-related needs. Her extensive knowledge, innovative ideas, and unwavering commitment to results position her as the perfect choice for navigating the complexities of the real estate market. With a keen eye for the property market since 1995, Samantha has actively bought and sold numerous properties, offering clients a hands-on understanding of real estate transactions. Whether you're in search of an experienced negotiator or a reliable realtor, Samantha is available for a call, text, or email, believing that together, "We Can Make Your Dream Come True!"

Property Listing


14 Slots Available, Selling from $945,000


2 Slots Available, Selling from $599,000


7 Slots Available, Selling from $645,000


6 Slots Available, Selling from $645,000


Price by Negotiation


17 Slots Available, Selling from $805,000

The crucial first step in selling your property is understanding its true value. The foundation of a successful property sale lies in grasping the intricate factors that contribute to your property's worth. Consider elements like the prices of both listed and recently sold properties in your area, the convenience your property offers to daily requirements, and the overall value of your location.
Unlocking this information sets the stage for a strategic and informed approach to selling your property. Once armed with a genuine understanding of your property's value, the next phase involves effective advertising and promotion. Timing and placement are key in reaching your target audience.
Ready to embark on this journey? Take the first step by reaching out to Samantha for a genuine and realistic property valuation. With her expertise, you'll be well-prepared to showcase your property in the right place at the right time, connecting with the ideal buyer for a successful transaction.

What my clients say!

Samantha brings professionalism, quality and responsiveness!!
"Would highly recommend Samantha for being genuine in her hands. She will endeavour to get the best outcome with genuine integrity. Fantastic communication throughout the process...!!!
Samantha gives 5star service with her team. Always a warm and friendly team from the top to the bottom. At the start we thought this process could be more complicated, but her flexibility and professionalism made us a more positive way as smooth as possible. She was all of the above and more!!
Anyone interested in selling or buying a home, Samantha Chaudry is the best!!!"
Thank you!!
Sameera & Shayani



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