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Everything you need to know about selling your house

Selling property can be a daunting task. Documents, appraisals, offers, you’re confused and don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve put up an easy to follow guide to help you when it comes to selling your house. There are a few main steps to follow, and we will be here with you at every step of the way.

Step 1: Be prepared-decide to sell

Think about whether you want to sell your house. Some things to consider are:

  • Whether you are ready to leave your home and the memories behind and start fresh.

  • Whether you are in a financial position to buy a new house that suits your needs.

If answers to both questions are “yes”, then start looking at property prices and interest rates to help you buy and find real estate agents in your area.

Step 2: Choose a sales agent A sales agent is very beneficial during this process. Your salesperson will:

  • Market your property

  • Perform home appraisals

  • Organise and bring in potential buyers for viewings

  • Negotiate with buyers on your behalf

  • Handle tons of confusing paperwork

So finding the right person for the job is essential. Our committed and dedicated team will help you through this process. You’ll never feel alone.

Step 3: Conduct a property appraisal

Conduct a property appraisal to see how much your property is worth and what you can add and change to increase its value (Read our blog on property appraisals for more information).

Get a free, non-obligatory property appraisal from us. A property appraisal with us will be more organised with more ground cover from a dedicated and experienced team.

Step 4: Choose how you want to market and sell your property

Marketing your property is very important. Without solid marketing, your property will not sell. We use both online and offline marketing strategies to increase the property’s exposure and get a broader reach to potential buyers.

We will provide you with various options of how to market your property, and we can customise the strategy based on your preferences and according to the property. We will also give you options on how to sell your property, either through auctions or private negotiations, and we will organise home viewings as well.

Step 5: Accept an offer

Nice! So the marketing succeeded and you have a buyer who is very interested in your property. Now comes some hard work. But don’t worry, our team will be there for advice and guide you through the process. Our team of skilled negotiators will work with the buyer, on your behalf, to get you the best price possible.

Usually, when an offer is accepted, a deposit is paid to secure the property to the relevant buyer.

Stage 6: Settlement

Congratulations! Settlement day is the date when the balance for the property is paid. This is the day that the deal is closed. We’ve sold your property!

If you haven’t moved out, now is the time to start packing and moving. Inform relevant parties about your house address changes and get the house ready for its new owners. If you’ve already moved out, you can now relax in peace, stress-free at your new home and celebrate a successful sale.

Selling a house does not need to be a difficult process. With the right sales agent, it’s an easy, hassle-free experience. So, choose Team Sam next time you want to sell your house!

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